A scientist is on the left of the picture, raising a finger. The blue-throated macaw on the right of the picture is sitting on a perch and holding one foot aloft

This ability is an important prerequisite for self-representation and episodic memory more

Portrait photo of group leader Angelika Harbauer with text “ERC Starting Grant – Angelika Harbauer”.

Angelika Harbauer receives ERC Starting Grant for her research on mitochondria more

Illustration of two birds in yellow, grey, and black, sitting next to two thermometers showing high and low environmental temperatures, respectively.

Great tits reveal how birds cope with changes in environmental temperatures more

Three female and three male persons are standing outdoors on a lawn. The females are holding flower bouquets.

Sandra Reinert, Renée Vieira and Sandra Fendl recognized for outstanding publications more

Close-up of a fly head, seen from the front, in rainbow colors against black background.

Fly eyes are less rigid than we thought more

Close-up image of an eye’s iris in blue and orange. Wave diagrams superimposed onto the pupil.

New Neuropixels technology provides evidence of mosaic-like neural connections more

Wryneck (Jynx torquilla)

Sweet sap, savory ants

August 18, 2022

Woodpeckers taste sweet, but wrynecks—unusual woodpeckers that specialize on ants—lost the ability to taste sugars more

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