Photo of the institute entrance in Martinsried, five persons walking towards it. Photo of the institute entrance in Seewiesen.

Welcome at the MPI for Biological Intelligence!

In January 2022, the Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence emerged from the MPI for Ornithology (MPIO), located in Seewiesen and the MPI of Neurobiology (MPIN) in Martinsried. The final, legal foundation of the institute with the two locations happened on January 1, 2023.

Together, we are dedicated to the investigation of biological intelligence – the evolved ability of animals to cope with a constantly changing environment and to find ever new solutions to life's challenges.


Grey outline of a zebrafish brain with individual neurons that are depicted as colorful spheres with long extensions.
Brain circuits for vision develop without any kind of input from the retina in zebrafish
Microscopy image of a fruit fly brain in cross section. Different areas and cells are highlighted in blue, red and white.
Lukas Groschner receives ERC Starting Grant to study temporal signal processing in the brain of the fruit fly
Female scientist standing with large microphone and binoculars in a meadow.
Study highlights the interplay of song development and territorial behavior in winter quarters


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