Photo of the institute entrance in Martinsried, five persons walking towards it. Photo of the institute entrance in Seewiesen.

Welcome at the MPI for Biological Intelligence!

In January 2022, the Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence emerged from the MPI for Ornithology (MPIO), located in Seewiesen and the MPI of Neurobiology (MPIN) in Martinsried. The final, legal foundation of the institute with the two locations happened on January 1, 2023.

Together, we are dedicated to the investigation of biological intelligence – the evolved ability of animals to cope with a constantly changing environment and to find ever new solutions to life's challenges.


A white and grey pigeon carefully held in the hands of a person.

When pigeons dream

June 05, 2023
Birds show remarkably similar sleep patterns to humans and may experience flight in their dreams

Reconstruction of a blue CT1 neuron on a black background
A neuronal microcircuit leverages the same type of signal for multiple purposes

Drawing of a mouse, sitting on a piece of cheese amidst other fruits and pastries, chewing on a piece of chocolate.
A hormone and specialized brain cells regulate feeding behavior in mice


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