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Grey outline of a zebrafish brain with individual neurons that are depicted as colorful spheres with long extensions.

Brain circuits for vision develop without any kind of input from the retina in zebrafish more

Microscopy image of a fruit fly brain in cross section. Different areas and cells are highlighted in blue, red and white.

Lukas Groschner receives ERC Starting Grant to study temporal signal processing in the brain of the fruit fly more

Female scientist standing with large microphone and binoculars in a meadow.

Study highlights the interplay of song development and territorial behavior in winter quarters more

Two brown-grey birds with open beaks, looking at each other. Musical notes and sound waves illustrate that they are singing.

Nightingales match the pitch of their whistle songs to those of their rivals in real time more

Photo of the two awardees and other officals from the institute. From left to right: Manfred Gahr, Herwig Baier, Johannes Kappel, Ilaria Vitali, Christian Mayer, Helmut Uhl

Ilaria Vitali and Johannes Kappel receive Young Scientist Award more

A white and grey pigeon carefully held in the hands of a person.

When pigeons dream

June 05, 2023

Birds show remarkably similar sleep patterns to humans and may experience flight in their dreams more

Reconstruction of a blue CT1 neuron on a black background

A neuronal microcircuit leverages the same type of signal for multiple purposes more

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