Articles in the magazine "MaxPlanckResearch"

MaxPlanckResearch contains a wide variety of articles about research going on at the institutes of the Max Planck Society. All articles are written in an informative and easy-to-read manner and are ideal for members of the general public including school students who would like to keep informed about the latest developments in scientific research. The magazine is published quarterly. More information about the magazine and subscription is found here:

The following MaxPlanckResearch articles cover research from the institute and its predecessor institutes.

MaxPlanckResearch 1/2024

On location: Summer in the Far North

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2023


MaxPlanckResearch 3/2023

The dream of flight

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2022

Eye movement

MaxPlanckResearch 2/2022

Five questions on parrots to Auguste von Bayern

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2021

Parrots practice self-control

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2020

On location: A smart home in a sun lit forest

Post from Ghana

MaxPlanckResearch 2/2020

Getting their bearings

MaxPlanckResearch 1/2020

Cooperative parrots

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2019

Singing lessons for finches

MaxPlanckResearch 3/2019

Growth in Bochum and Konstanz

MaxPlanckResearch 2/2019

Fruit bats are reforesting African woodlands

MaxPlanckResearch 1/2019

The toolmakers of the bird world

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2018

On location: Spacewalk for research

Parrots think in economic terms

MaxPlanckResearch 3/2018

Tracking animal movements

Storks on the wing

MaxPlanckResearch 2/2018

"In ten years, we will know which animals can predict natural disasters"

Humans limit animal movements

MaxPlanckResearch 1/2018

Flying south pays off

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2017

Glass facades are traps for bats

MaxPlanckResearch 3/2017

Global movement for science

MaxPlanckResearch 2/2017

Speed dating among birds

Why animals swarm for swarms

MaxPlanckResearch 1/2017

Pearls for the chancellor

The fastest fliers in the animal kingdom

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2016

The senses of life

Snoozing between heaven and earth

The great tit fares better in the countryside

MaxPlanckResearch 3/2016

Post from the Amazon, Brazil: Tiptoeing through the rainforest

The master singer

MaxPlanckResearch 2/2016

Without a sound

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2015

Following their noses to Lake Victoria

Colorful birds

MaxPlanckResearch 3/2015

Late risers are cheated on more frequently

Shorter lives for the bold

MaxPlanckResearch 1/2015

Animal tracker wins prize for citizen involvement

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2014

Guided by light

MaxPlanckResearch 3/2014

Monitoring system for the planet

MaxPlanckResearch 2/2014

A four-legged early-warning system

MaxPlanckResearch 1/2014

Music from the rain forest

MaxPlanckResearch 3/2013

On location: In Darwin’s footsteps

“Yet another man”

Country bumpkins have more enthusiasm for new things

MaxPlanckResearch 2/2013

Outstanding nature photography

Memories leave their traces

Blackbirds in the spotlight

Navigating along earth’s magnetic field

MaxPlanckResearch 1/2013

Birds that go wild for the city

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2012

Fatal fling

MaxPlanckResearch 3/2012

Life on the move

MaxPlanckResearch 1/2012

"Just look at that!" Ravens gesticulate with their beaks to draw the attention of other ravens to objects

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2011

On location: Amid the colony

Songbirds with a Casanova gene

MaxPlanckResearch 3/2011

Visit to Lake Constance

Joint research in the Himalayas

On the net - The goose whisperer

MaxPlanckResearch 1/2011

Ears tuned to water

Artificial light confuses birds

Biodiversity must be restored

MaxPlanckResearch 4/2010

On the move with all their senses

MaxPlanckResearch 3/2010

Winter on the balcony

The call of the horseshoe bat

MaxPlanckResearch 2/2010

Wire(less)tapping in the aviary

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