Construction-Technical Campus Management

Construction-Technical Campus Management

The Construction-Technical Campus Management in Martinsried is a joint facility of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence and the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. The contacts of the technical department at the Seewiesen site can be found in the left column.

With its own specialists, the team ensures optimal infrastructural conditions for research and work at the institutes under economic conditions. Our services cover the entire spectrum from planning and construction to the maintenance, repair and monitoring of equipment and facilities that supply the laboratories on the MPI campus with electricity, water, heat, cooling, air, gas and telecommunications.

In addition to these tasks, our service also includes a modern service center for the timely, precise and high-quality implementation of specific requirements requested by our scientists: In close coordination with the researchers, the staff of the scientific workshops are responsible for the design, development and completion of tailor-made, innovative spare parts and equipment for laboratory use.

Building and Operational Management

In case there is a problem in the supply of heat, cooling, ventilation, water, technical gases (except cylinders) and electricity to the buildings, the staff of the . Emergencies outside these hours are dealt with by the service team on duty.

Should there be a problem with heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy, refrigeration and sanitary engineering, as well as electrical installations or technical gases (except cylinders), the staff of the Fault Reporting Center of the Technical Operations Office in Martinsried are available from 8 am to 4 pm to provide advice and assistance. Urgent emergencies outside these hours are dealt with by the emergency service, which can be contacted via the gate. Also in Seewiesen please contact the gate in case of problems, during the day the technical team is available. 

Precision Mechanics & Electronics (Central Workshops)

We are responsible for and happy to help with

  • the development, production, commissioning and repair of complex experimental setups, scientific laboratory equipment and apparatus according to individual specifications
  • the manufacture of supplementary equipment and adaptations for microscopy
  • development and construction of suitable prototypes such as sound boxes, smart nest boxes or operating tables for birds (3D CAD system, CAM system)
  • development and manufacturing of battery powered miniaturized data loggers and miniaturized radio transmitters for automatic data acquisition of song, brain activity and other physiological parameters (body temperature, hormones) of birds under outdoor conditions
  • welded constructions and sheet metal work according to the specifications of the scientists
  • troubleshooting and repair of laboratory equipment (except devices with mandatory official testing)
  • customer service and application advice before and after the equipment manufactured by the workshops comes into use
  • equipment demonstrations / advice on the purchase of industrial equipment
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