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Two nerve cells in the shape of humans are pulling three red ribbons in opposite directions with strained faces.

To distinguish motion patterns, a neuronal computation is performed three times in a row

Motion vision in fruit flies

Motion vision in fruit flies

Video September 18, 2023

Inspire your vision with insights into motion vision research. more

Microscopy image of a fruit fly brain in cross section. Different areas and cells are highlighted in blue, red and white.

Lukas Groschner receives ERC Starting Grant to study temporal signal processing in the brain of the fruit fly more

Reconstruction of a blue CT1 neuron on a black background

A neuronal microcircuit leverages the same type of signal for multiple purposes more

Scientist wearing a white lab coat stands behind a table that holds a large experimental setup.

Lukas Groschner receives Schilling Research Award of the German Neuroscience Society 2023 more

Three female and three male persons are standing outdoors on a lawn. The females are holding flower bouquets.

Sandra Reinert, Renée Vieira and Sandra Fendl recognized for outstanding publications more

Omnipresent and yet hardly explored: Electrical synapses

Omnipresent and yet hardly explored: Electrical synapses more

The algebra of neurons

Study deciphers how a single nerve cell can multiply more

Recognition for outstanding publications by young scientists

Young Scientist Award 2020 goes to Nikolai Hörmann and Nate Nejc Dolensek more

The complex task of staying on course

To fly straight, fruit flies need the ability to detect motion. more

The protein dress of a neuron

New method marks proteins and reveals the receptors in which neurons are dressed more

Everything is relative: How flies see the world

The neural code in the fly brain continuously adapts to environmental conditions more

Otto Hahn Medals 2019

Otto Hahn Medals 2019

June 25, 2019

Aljoscha Leonhardt and Georg Ammer are being honored for their outstanding research more

Multitasking with perfection: Nerve cell works like 1400 individual cells

Amacrine cell in the fruit fly visual system consists of electrically isolated subunits more

Young Scientist Award

Inês Ribeiro and Arne Fabritius recognized for their outstanding publications more

ANA 2018 Best Thesis Award for Georg Ammer

Recognition for outstanding PhD thesis on fly motion vision more

Three nerve cells are sufficient to steer a fly

HS cells correct an unwanted rotation movement by slowing down the legs more

LC10 – the neuron that tracks fruit flies

How visual information about other flies reaches the male brain more

<p>Award for outstanding publications of young scientists </p>

Tobias Rose and Co-first authors Matthias Meier und Etienne Serbe receive „Young Scientist Award“ more

The more active the fly, the faster its brain works

Neurobiologists discover important characteristics of the motion detector in the fly brain more

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