Equal opportunities

The Max Planck Society has established internal target agreements in order to implement the principle of equality and equal treatment stated in the constitution. We as an institute are also convinced that equal opportunities for all employees are an indispensable prerequisite for the future viability of our research institution.

At the MPI for Biological Intelligence, employees from around 50 nations work with a wide variety of career and life paths. Our goal is therefore to foster a culture in which all can live and work together in an open, non-discriminatory and respectful atmosphere. After all, people who feel comfortable, who are enthusiastic about their work and who can contribute their ideas and strengths in the best possible way, are the basis of our cutting-edge research.

We therefore promote the development of employees' individual abilities, regardless of gender, origin or physical limitations. In doing so, we focus especially on career advancement for young scientists, with a particular eye on female scientists. They are still heavily underrepresented at management level and have less clear future prospects than their male counterparts. In this context, we also try to improve the compatibility of family and professional life.

The Gender Equality Officers help to implement these goals and at the same time act as contact persons for all issues relating to gender equality and gender sensibility. They are involved in all personnel, organizational and social measures relating to gender equality of women and men, the compatibility of family and work, and protection against sexual harassment and bullying at the workplace.

The EU is funding a project, LeTSGEPs, under its Horizon 2020 program that focuses on gender equality in science organizations. Together with eight partner institutions from six European countries, the MPI for Biological Intelligence in Martinsried has developed a gender equality plan as MPI of Neurobiology, which elaborates goals and measures to embed gender equality thinking at the institute and is accessible to all employees.

In addition, the MPI for Biological Intelligence supports the ALBA Declaration of Equity and Inclusion as a sign of commitment to equality and inclusion in neuroscience. The ALBA network advocates for equitable and diverse communities in neuroscience.

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