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Campus Seewiesen

Second location of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence

The Seewiesen campus is surrounded by a protected area and is located on Lake Esssee, between Lake Starnberg and Lake Ammer. The 30-hectare site is primarily used for nature-based research at the MPI-BI. In the almost 70-year history of the research site, the MPI-BI is already the third Max Planck Institute after the MPI for Behavioral Physiology and the MPI for Ornithology. Approximately 180 employees currently work there, and the campus in Martinsried is about 30 kilometers away. 

The campus is structured into buildings for the currently two scientific departments and nine groups, a central laboratory building, a building for seminar rooms, library and administration and various buildings for animal husbandry. 

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