News and research highlights from the department "Genes - Circuits - Behavior"

Microscopic image of cells in shades of blue and purple.

A novel chemical labeling method allows transient events in cells to be recorded for later analysis more

Social behavior of Cichlids

Social behavior of Cichlids

Video December 17, 2023

Dive into the investigation of the complex social behaviors of Cichlids.  more

Zebrafish behavior

Zebrafish behavior

Video December 10, 2023

Watch Joe at his multi-faceted work to investigate the integration of sensory input. more

Grey outline of a zebrafish brain with individual neurons that are depicted as colorful spheres with long extensions.

Brain circuits for vision develop without any kind of input from the retina in zebrafish more

Photo of the two awardees and other officals from the institute. From left to right: Manfred Gahr, Herwig Baier, Johannes Kappel, Ilaria Vitali, Christian Mayer, Helmut Uhl

Ilaria Vitali and Johannes Kappel receive Young Scientist Award more

Illustration of a fish head with eye and brain cells. Several zebrafish in the background.

Specialized nerve cells in the zebrafish visual system enable recognition of conspecifics more

Otto Hahn Medal thanks to an optical illusion

Yunmin Wu receives award for outstanding research more

In a tight spot

A newly discovered circuit helps fish to prioritize more

Tracing the many paths of vision

New study decodes the molecular diversity of neurons in the zebrafish retina more

Awarding the research of young scientists

Johannes Larsch and Daniel Gehrlach receive the Young Scientist Award 2019 more

The right cells in the right spot

Neurons in a visual brain area of zebrafish are arranged as a map for catching prey more

An optical illusion opens a window into the brain

Interview with Yunmin Wu from the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, who identified neurons enabling zebrafish to detect motion more

Individual differences in the brain

If selection reinforces a behavior, brain activities soon change as well more

Artificial intelligence as behavioral analyst

Computer algorithms disassemble prey capture behavior of zebrafish into its components more

Young zebrafish could provide information on nerve cell circuits for social behavior

Johannes Larsch receives NARSAD Young Investigator Grant more

Interactive zebrafish brain

Max Planck scientists create the first nerve cell atlas of a vertebrate brain more

Live streaming the brain - Neurons in the pretectum calculate space-filling movements

Neurobiologists show how movement information flows through the fish brain more

Using fish to unravel how complex behavior is encoded in the genome and wired in the brain

Scientists from Georgia Tech and Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology receive $750,000 grant for research more

Should I stay or should I go? Decisions take a straight path through the fish brain

Max Planck neurobiologists show how visual perceptions are translated into behavior more

How to recognise your own kind

How to recognise your own kind

November 01, 2018

Zebrafish identify virtual shoal partners based on motion patterns typical of their species more

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