Publications of Sophie von Merten

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Journal Article
von Merten, S.; Siemers, B. M.: Shrew twittering call rate is high in novel environments. A lab-study. Mammal Research 65 (3), pp. 469 - 479 (2020)
Journal Article
Zsebök, S.; Czaban, D.; Farkas, J.; Siemers, B. M.; von Merten, S.: Acoustic species identification of shrews: Twittering calls for monitoring. Ecological Informatics 27, pp. 1 - 10 (2015)
Journal Article
Page, R. A.; von Merten, S.; Siemers, B. M.: Associative memory or algorithmic search: A comparative study on learning strategies of bats and shrews. Animal Cognition 15 (4), pp. 495 - 504 (2012)
Journal Article
von Merten, S.; Siemers, B. M.: Exploratory behaviour in shrews: Fast-lived Sorex versus slow-lived Crocidura. Animal Behaviour 84 (1), pp. 29 - 38 (2012)
Journal Article
Siemers, B. M.; Schauermann, G.; Turni, H.; von Merten, S.: Why do shrews twitter? Communication or simple echo-based orientation. Biology Letters 5 (5), pp. 593 - 596 (2009)
Journal Article
Winter, Y.; Merten, S. v.; Kleindienst, H. U.: Visual landmark orientation by flying bats at a large-scale touch and walk screen for bats, birds and rodents. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 141 (2), pp. 283 - 290 (2005)
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