News and research highlights from the research group "Tools for Bio-Imaging"

Visible calcium concentrations

Indicator molecules make changes in calcium levels outside of cells visible for the first time more

Directed protein evolution with CRISPR-Cas9

New area of application for gene scissors: Optimized proteins for biomedical research more

Young Scientist Award

Inês Ribeiro and Arne Fabritius recognized for their outstanding publications more

Protein for deeper insights into the brain

Researchers publish building instructions to promote biomedical research more

Color processing in the tiny brain of fruit flies

Biologists explain basic mechanisms of color vision in an invertebrate more

New Lights for Research

New Lights for Research

February 18, 2014

New indicators create conditions for the observation of smallest biological processes more

Luminous paths in the brain

Luminous paths in the brain

August 10, 2008

Thanks to a new indicator molecule, scientists can now observe the activity of single nerve cells on a long-term basis more

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