News and research highlights from the department "Behavioural Neurobiology"

Four brown-gray birds in flight, seen from the side against a dark background.

Zebra finches communicate via eye contact and calls to coordinate their spatial positions during flocking flight more

Avian tree of life better resolved

Max Planck researchers clarify relationships between bird families more

The brains of birds synchronize when they sing duets

Vocal control areas in the brain of weaver birds fire in time when they sing together more

Does parenting hamper the sex life of male black coucals?

Although the raising of the young is a matter for men in these birds, parenthood is less expensive for the fathers than thought more

Max Planck researchers support referendum on species diversity

The scientists believe that the relevant legislative amendments could halt the disappearance of insects and birds in Bavaria more

Couples showing off: Songbirds are more passionate in front of an audience

Both sexes of a songbird called the blue-capped cordon-bleu intensify courtship performances in the presence of an audience more

Shrews shrink in winter and regrow in spring

The tiny mammals reduce the size of their organs in the winter and can even decrease and rebuild bones more

Lack of opportunities promotes brood care

Female white-browed coucals have to suffice with a single mate more

In cordon bleus, song develops independently of sex differences in the brain

Singing developes independent from gender differences in the brain more

Harmonic pillow talk

Harmonic pillow talk

October 06, 2015

Zebra finches change their call communication pattern in groups according to their reproductive status more

Song learning in a time lapse

Late-hatched canaries learn their songs as well as early-hatched birds more

Mapping of the canary genome

Mapping of the canary genome

February 04, 2015

Hormone sensitive gene regulation in seasonal singing birds more

Pair bonding reinforced in the brain

Zebra finches use their specialised song system for simple communication more

Super song learners

Super song learners

October 23, 2013

Researchers uncover a mechanism for improving song learning in juvenile zebra finches more

Like father, not like son

Like father, not like son

October 02, 2013

Brain and song structure in zebra finches are strongly influenced by the environment more

Fraternal singing in zebra finches

Young zebra finches are able to learn their fathers’ song via their brothers more

Power struggles are best kept out of the public eye

Audiences influence future status of quails following fights between rivals more

Testosterone regulates solo song of tropical birds

Experiment in females uncovers male hormonal mechanism more

Elaborate plumage due to testosterone?

In female barred buttonquails high testosterone levels correlate with elaborate plumage and good body condition more

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