A talk of team members. Copyright: Axel Griesch

Projects of the department "Behavioural Neurobiology"

Sex hormone effects on sexual dimorphic development and seasonal changes of bird song include multiple mechanisms. Using a variety of molecular and cellular techniques we are studying the forebrain song control nuclei of zebra finches and canaries in terms of sex hormone dependent gene expression patterns and neuron differentiation. [more]
Living in social groups is only possible when group members are able to communicate with each other.  Birds communicate with innate calls and learned songs. We aim to investigate the neural and sex-specific mechanisms that underlie the various types of vocal communication in different species of birds. [more]
How do different environments and life histories shape behaviour and physiology of animals? We are interested in this complex interplay - out of curiosity and as a contribution to protect biodiversity. [more]
Other research projects (Stefan Leitner) [more]

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