News and research highlights from the research group "Evolutionary Physiology"

Illustration of two birds in yellow, grey, and black, sitting next to two thermometers showing high and low environmental temperatures, respectively.

Great tits reveal how birds cope with changes in environmental temperatures more

Great tits detox at the expense of a lower life expectancy

Males that neutralize free radicals with an enzyme are less likely to survive the next winter more

Lost the beat

Lost the beat

December 29, 2015

Mice suffer from a decrease in biological fitness if their internal clock is mixed up more

Simultaneous breeding and moulting reduces fitness

Brush finches fly more slowly if they are reproducing and moulting at the same time more

Wild birds respond differently to the first long days of a year

For great tits spring does not always start at the same time more

Hormones dictate breeding success in birds

Max Planck researchers can predict the number of offspring a bird will have based on its prolactin and corticosterone levels more

Only some like it hot

Only some like it hot

March 31, 2010

How birds from different populations react to infections in their natural environment more

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