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Fischer, J.; Kopp, G. H.; Pesco, F. D.; Goffe, A.; Hammerschmidt, K.; Kalbitzer, U.; Klapproth, M.; Maciej, P.; Ndao, I.; Patzelt, A. et al.; Zinner, D.: Charting the neglected West: The social system of Guinea baboons. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 162 (S63), S. 15 - 31 (2017)
Kalbitzer, U.; Roos, C.; Kopp, G. H.; Butynski, T. M.; Knauf, S.; Zinner, D.; Fischer, J.: Insights into the genetic foundation of aggression in Papio and the evolution of two length-polymorphisms in the promoter regions of serotonin-related genes (5-HTTLPR and MAOALPR) in Papionini. BMC Evolutionary Biology 16, 121 (2016)
Patzelt, A.; Kopp, G. H.; Ndao, I.; Kalbitzer, U.; Zinner, D.; Fischer, J.: Male tolerance and male–male bonds in a multilevel primate society. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111 (41), S. 14740 - 14745 (2014)
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