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Kölzsch, A.; Müskens, G. J. D. M.; Kruckenberg, H.; Glazov, P.; Weinzierl, R.; Nolet, B. A.; Wikelski, M.: Towards a new understanding of migration timing: Slower spring than autumn migration in geese reflects different decision rules for stopover use and departure. Oikos 125 (10), S. 1496 - 1507 (2016)
Sherub; Bohrer, G.; Wikelski, M.; Weinzierl, R.: Behavioural adaptations to flight into thin air. Biology Letters 12 (10), 0432 (2016)
Weinzierl, R.; Bohrer, G.; Kranstauber, B.; Fiedler, W.; Wikelski, M.; Flack, A.: Wind estimation based on thermal soaring of birds. Ecology and Evolution 6 (24), S. 8706 - 8718 (2016)
Kranstauber, B.; Weinzierl, R.; Wikelski, M.; Safi, K.: Global aerial flyways allow efficient travelling. Ecology Letters 18 (12), S. 1338 - 1345 (2015)
Dodge, S.; Bohrer, G.; Bildstein, K.; Davidson, S. C.; Weinzierl, R.; Bechard, M. J.; Barber, D.; Kays, R.; Brandes, D.; Han, J. et al.; Wikelski, M.: Environmental drivers of variability in the movement ecology of turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) in North and South America. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences 369 (1643), 20130195 (2014)
Dodge, S.; Bohrer, G.; Weinzierl, R.; Davidson, S. C.; Kays, R.; Douglas, D.; Cruz, S. M.; Han, J.; Brandes, D.; Wikelski, M.: The environmental-data automated track annotation (Env-DATA) system: Linking animal tracks with environmental data. BMC Movement Ecology 1, 3 (2013)
Safi, K.; Kranstauber, B.; Weinzierl, R.; Griffin, L.; Rees, E. C.; Cabot, D.; Cruz, S. M.; Proano, C. B.; Takekawa, J. Y.; Newman, S. H. et al.; Waldenström, J.; Bengtsson, D.; Kays, R.; Wikelski, M.; Bohrer, G.: Flying with the wind: Scale dependency of speed and direction measurements in modelling wind support in avian flight. BMC Movement Ecology 1, 4 (2013)
Douglas, D. C.; Weinzierl, R.; Davidson, S. C.; Kays, R.; Wikelski, M.; Bohrer, G.: Moderating Argos location errors in animal tracking data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3 (6), S. 999 - 1007 (2012)
Kranstauber, B.; Cameron, A.; Weinzierl, R.; Fountain, T.; Tilak, S.; Wikelski, M.; Kays, R.: The Movebank data model for animal tracking. Environmental Modelling and Software 26 (6), S. 834 - 835 (2011)

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Obringer, R.; Bohrer, G.; Weinzierl, R.; Dodge, S.; Deppe, J.; Ward, M.; Brandes, D.; Kays, R.; Flack, A.; Wikelski, M.: Track annotation: Determining the environmental context of movement through the air. In: Aeroecology, S. 71 - 86 (Hg. Chilson, P. B.; Frick, W. F.; Kelly, J. F.; Liechti, F.). Springer International Publishing AG, Cham, Schweiz (2017)
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