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Paixao, S.; Loschek, L.; Gaitanos, L.; Morales, P. A.; Goulding, M.; Klein, R.: Identification of spinal neurons contributing to the dorsal column projection mediating fine touch and corrective motor movements. Neuron 104 (4), S. 749 - 764.e6 (2019)
Hussain, A.; Pooryasin, A.; Zhang, M.; Loschek, L. F.; La Fortezza, M.; Friedrich, A. B.; Blais, C.-M.; Üçpunar, H. K.; Yepez, V. A.; Lehmann, M. et al.; Gompel, N.; Gagneur, J.; Sigrist, S. J.; Grunwald Kadow, I. C.: Inhibition of oxidative stress in cholinergic projection neurons fully rescues aging-associated olfactory circuit degeneration in Drosophila. eLife 7, e32018 (2018)
Hussain, A.; Üçpunar, H. K.; Zhang, M.; Loschek, L. F.; Grunwald Kadow, I. C.: Neuropeptides modulate female chemosensory processing upon mating in Drosophila. PLoS Biology 14 (5), e1002455 (2016)
Stephan, D.; Sanchez-Soriano, N.; Loschek, L. F.; Gerhards, R.; Gutmann, S.; Storchova, Z.; Prokop, A.; Grunwald Kadow, I. C.: Drosophila psidin regulates olfactory neuron number and axon targeting through two distinct molecular mechanisms. The Journal of Neuroscience 32 (46), S. 16080 - 16094 (2012)
Hartl, M.; Loschek, L.; Stephan, D.; Siju, K. P.; Knappmeyer, C.; Grunwald Kadow, I. C.: A new prospero and microRNA-279 pathway restricts CO2 receptor neuron formation. The Journal of Neuroscience 31 (44), S. 15660 - 15673 (2011)
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