Publications of Florian G. Richter

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Journal Article
Ammer, G.; Serbe-Kamp, E.; Mauss, A.; Richter, F. G.; Fendl, S.; Borst, A.: Multi-level visual motion opponency implemented by a single cell type. Nature Neuroscience (in press) (2023)
Journal Article
Drews, M. S.; Leonhardt, A.; Pirogova, N.; Richter, F. G.; Schuetzenberger, A.; Braun, L.; Serbe, E.; Borst, A.: Dynamic signal compression for robust motion vision in flies. Current Biology 30 (2), pp. 209 - 221.e8 (2020)
Journal Article
Richter, F. G.; Fendl, S.; Haag, J.; Drews, M. S.; Borst, A.: Glutamate signaling in the fly visual system. iScience 7, pp. 85 - 95 (2018)
Journal Article
Arenz, A.; Drews, M. S.; Richter, F. G.; Ammer, G.; Borst, A.: The temporal tuning of the Drosophila motion detectors is determined by the dynamics of their input elements. Current Biology 27 (7), pp. 929 - 944 (2017)
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