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Journal Article
Pantoja, C.; Larsch, J.; Laurell, E.; Marquart, G.; Kunst, M.; Baier, H.: Rapid effects of selection on brain-wide activity and behavior. Current Biology 30 (18), pp. 3647 - 3656.e3 (2020)
Journal Article
Marquart, G. D.; Tabor, K. M.; Bergeron, S. A.; Briggman, K. L.; Burgess, H. A.: Prepontine non-giant neurons drive flexible escape behavior in zebrafish. PLoS Biology 17 (10), e3000480 (2019)
Journal Article
Shainer, I.; Michel, M.; Marquart, G. D.; Bhandiwad, A. A.; Zmora, N.; Livne, Z. B.-M.; Zohar, Y.; Hazak, A.; Mazon, Y.; Förster, D. et al.; Hollander-Cohen, L.; Cone, R. D.; Burgess, H. A.; Gothilf, Y.: Agouti-related protein 2 is a new player in the teleost stress response system. Current Biology 29 (12), pp. 2009 - 2019.e7 (2019)
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