Publications of Birte Zuidinga

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Journal Article
Groschner, L. N.; Malis, J. G.; Zuidinga, B.; Borst, A.: A biophysical account of multiplication by a single neuron. Nature 603 (7899), pp. 119 - 123 (2022)
Journal Article
Derksen, M.; Rhemrev, V.; van der Veer, M.; Jolink, L.; Zuidinga, B.; Mulder, T.; Reneman, L.; Nederveen, A.; Feenstra, M.; Willuhn, I. et al.; Denys, D.: Animal studies in clinical MRI scanners: A custom setup for combined fMRI and deep-brain stimulation in awake rats. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 360, 109240 (2021)
Journal Article
André, T.; Classen, J.; Brenner, P.; Betts, M. J.; Dörr, B.; Kreye, S.; Zuidinga, B.; Meijer, M.; Russell, R. B.; Verhage, M. et al.; Söllner, T. H.: The interaction of Munc18-1 Helix 11 and 12 with the central region of the VAMP2 SNARE motif is essential for SNARE templating and synaptic transmission. eNeuro 7 (6), ENEURO.0278-20.2020 (2020)
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