Publications of Lukas N. Groschner

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Borst, A.; Groschner, L. N.: Fly motion vision. Annual Review of Neuroscience (in press) (2023)
Journal Article
Groschner, L. N.; Malis, J. G.; Zuidinga, B.; Borst, A.: A biophysical account of multiplication by a single neuron. Nature 603 (7899), pp. 119 - 123 (2022)
Journal Article
Vrontou, E.; Groschner, L. N.; Szydlowski, S.; Brain, R.; Krebbers, A.; Miesenbock, G.: Response competition between neurons and antineurons in the mushroom body. Current Biology 31 (22), pp. 4911 - 4922.e4 (2021)
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