News and research highlights from the department "Electrons - Photons - Neurons"

Artificial intelligence learns to recognize nerve cells by their appearance

Neurobiologists train artificial neural networks to map the brain more

Artificial neural networks now able to help reveal a brain’s structure

Digital image analysis steps up to the task of reliably reconstructing individual nerve cells more

Understanding the brain with the help of artificial intelligence

Neurobiologists program a neural network for analyzing the brain’s wiring more

Deep insights into the brain: Zülch Prize 2015

Winfried Denk develops new microscopy methods, thereby revolutionizing neuroscience more

Open road to the circuit diagram of the brain

Staining method brings the reconstruction of all nerve cells and their connections within reach more

Winfried Denk and three colleagues honored with the Brain Prize

One million Euros for the invention, development and application of the two-photon microscopy more

The brain: with all its cells and their connections

Scientists succeed in the complete reconstruction of a piece of retina more

New director at the institute

New director at the institute

September 21, 2011

Prof. Dr. Winfried Denk will continue his research in Martinsried more

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