Research News and Awards

Intestinal flora from twins is able to initiate multiple sclerosis
Genetically modified mice deliver first indication that human intestinal bacteria can trigger multiple sclerosis [more]
The European Research Council funds neuroimmunologist with 1.5 Million Euros
Starting Grant for Gurumoorthy Krishnamoorty for the study of a Multiple Sclerosis trigger [more]
Hartmut Wekerle receives honorary doctorate of the University of Würzburg
Acknowledgement for lifelong studies on the mechanisms of Multiple Sclerosis [more]
Going live – immune cell activation in multiple sclerosis
New indicator molecules visualise the activation of auto-aggressive T cells in the body as never before [more]
Hartmut Wekerle receives the honorary doctorate of the University of Hamburg
Great honor for the medical doctor and neurobiologist from Martinsried [more]
Multiple sclerosis is remote controlled
The lungs function as a gathering point for autoaggressive immune cells [more]
Kerstin Berer receives James Heineman Research Award
60.000 Euro for young neurobiologist [more]
Natural intestinal flora involved in the emergence of multiple sclerosis
Beneficial intestinal bacteria can activate immune cells and trigger the overreaction of the immune system [more]
Kai Kessenbrock, Yishai Elyada and Alessandro Filosa receive Outstanding Paper Award
This year, three young scientists are honoured for their publications [more]
Crossing the line: how aggressive cells invade the brain
Real-time observation sheds new light on multiple sclerosis [more]
Tracking down the causes of multiple sclerosis
Three new insights contribute to a better understanding of the disease [more]
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