News and research highlights from the research group "Neurogenomics"

Abstract drawing of a neuron whose dendrites form a kind of barcode.

Study reveals how proteins direct nerve cell precursors to turn into specialized neurons more

Decoding neurodevelopment

Decoding neurodevelopment

Video October 29, 2023

Unravel the mysteries of brain development with Ann and Yana, studying interneurons. more

Photo of the two awardees and other officals from the institute. From left to right: Manfred Gahr, Herwig Baier, Johannes Kappel, Ilaria Vitali, Christian Mayer, Helmut Uhl

Ilaria Vitali and Johannes Kappel receive Young Scientist Award more

The origin of neuronal diversity

Insights into the mechanisms leading to different cell types in the brain more

Diversity research in the brain

Christian Mayer receives ERC Starting Grant to investigate the origin of interneuron variety more

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