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Bandler, R. C.; Vitali, I.; Delgado, R. N.; Ho, M. C.; Dvoretskova, E.; Ibarra Molinas, J. S.; Frazel, P. W.; Mohammadkhani, M.; Machold, R.; Maedler, S. et al.; Liddelow, S. A.; Nowakowski, T. J.; Fishell, G.; Mayer, C.: Single-cell delineation of lineage and genetic identity in the mouse brain. Nature 601 (7893), pp. 404 - 409 (2022)
Journal Article
Dominguez, S.; Ma, L.; Yu, H.; Pouchelon, G.; Mayer, C.; Spyropoulos, G. D.; Cea, C.; Buzsaki, G.; Fishell, G.; Khodagholy, D. et al.; Gelinas, J. N.: A transient postnatal quiescent period precedes emergence of mature cortical dynamics. eLife 10, e69011 (2021)
Journal Article
Hörmann, N.; Schilling, T.; Ali, A. H.; Serbe, E.; Mayer, C.; Borst, A.; Pujol-Marti, J.: A combinatorial code of transcription factors specifies subtypes of visual motion-sensing neurons in Drosophila. Development 147 (9), dev186296 (2020)
Journal Article
Mayer, C.; Fishell, G.: Developing neurons are innately inclined to learn on the job. Nature 560 (7716), pp. 39 - 40 (2018)
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