Publications of the group "Comparative Cognition"

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Journal Article
Krasheninnikova, A.; Höner, F.; O'Neill, L.; Penna, E.; von Bayern, A. M. P.: Economic decision-making in parrots. Scientific Reports 8, 12537 (2018)
Journal Article
Mioduszewska, B.; O'Hara, M.; Haryoko, T.; Auersperg, A.; Huber, L.; Prawiradilaga, D. M.: Notes on ecology of wild Goffin's cockatoo in the late dry season with emphasis on feeding ecology. Treubia 45, pp. 85 - 102 (2018)
Journal Article
von Bayern, A. M. P.; Danel, S.; Auersperg, A. M. I.; Mioduszewska, B.; Kacelnik, A.: Compound tool construction by New Caledonian crows. Scientific Reports 8, 15676 (2018)
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