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Accomodation and Prices

Update Dec 2019: each participant received the room category s/he registered for (or received a free upgrade). Everybody who can show a student card will pay 25 EUR per night (no matter which room, except for single rooms).

Our meeting will take place at the Abbey Frauenwörth on the Fraueninsel on Lake Chiemsee. The abbey offers single, double and 3-4 bed rooms and buffet-style meals in the “Klosterwirt”.


Room prices for two nights are (per person):

  • Single room: 120, 100, 70 EUR (Category A, B, C)
  • Double room: 100, 80, 60 EUR (Category A, B, C)
  • 3-4 bed room: 50 EUR (only with student card)


Category A: with own bathroom and lake view (120/100 EUR as single/double room per person & 2 nights)

Category B: with own bathroom and courtyard view (100/80 EUR as single/double room per person & 2 nights)

Category C: with shared bathroom (70/60 EUR as single/double room per person & 2 nights)


Meals for two days will cost 96 EUR, and the conference fee (for conference room & equipment, coffee breaks etc) is about 20 EUR.


Total costs, approximately (per person); please allow small changes to accommodate small changes in conference fee:

  • Single room: 236, 216, 186 EUR (Category A, B, C)
  • Double room: 216, 196, 176 EUR (Category A, B, C)
  • 3-4 bed room: 166 EUR (only with student card)



1)      Rooms are assigned on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, therefore low-priced student rooms and single rooms with lake view might book out quickly. Please register soon!

2)      You will need to pay for all costs directly to the abbey Frauenwoerth at arrival, with cash or Debit-cards; credit cards might not work!


Financial support for students with financial needs:

We secured limited financial support for students whose travel and conference attendance is not funded by their supervisor, university or other third parties, and who thus have to pay for the conference from their personal money. We will support those students with between 50 – max. 96 € to cover (part of) the meal costs. The amount of support depends on the number of eligible recipients. Travel and accommodation costs need to be covered by the participant.

Eligibility criteria for the financial support:

1)      You need to be a BSc / MSc or PhD student affiliated with an academic institution.

2)      You need to present a scientific contribution at the meeting.

3)      You need to confirm during registration that you cover all costs for the conference from your personal money.

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