Neetash Mysuru

Doctoral Student
Neural Circuits for Vocal Communication
+49 8157 932 461

Main Focus

Research interest and career progression

I am interested in studying sensory biology in animals because of the diversity in anatomical design and sensory processing strategies. Echolocating bats emit loud calls and listen for the returning echoes to sense their surroundings and determine their position in space. So, what happens when there is more than one conspecific bat calling in the same environment? How can a bat hear its own echoes when there are many other bats emitting loud calls? I am currently trying to answer how bats deal with sonar jamming by studying echolocation in horseshoe bats in the field.

During my Master’s I got interested in neurobiology and animal behaviour. For my thesis, I studied how incubation temperatures affected olfactory learning in the Asiatic honeybee Apis cerana at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram. The title of the thesis is “Olfactory conditioning and learning in bees’’.

I pursued Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology at SJCE, Mysuru. For my dissertation, I worked on identifying potential dietary sources that could reduce the risk of melanoma by studying the effects of dietary extracts on tyrosinase (from mouse and mushroom). My thesis is titled “Health beneficial components from dietary sources”. I carried this work at the Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition, Central Food and Technology Research Institute, Mysuru.

Curriculum Vitae

Research assistant in Acoustic and Functional Ecology Group studying 'Group echolocation in horseshoe bats'

MS by Research, Masters thesis on 'Learning and memory in bees'

Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology, Bachelor thesis on 'Health beneficial components from dietary sources for reducing risk of melanoma'

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