Publikationen von Gregor Müller

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Müller, G.; Horstmeyer, L.; Rönneburg, T.; van Kleunen, M.; Dawson, W.: Alien and native plant establishment in grassland communities is more strongly affected by disturbance than above- and below-ground enemies. Journal of Ecology 104 (5), S. 1233 - 1242 (2016)
Müller, G.; van Kleunen, M.; Dawson, W.: Commonness and rarity of alien and native plant species – The relative roles of intraspecific competition and plant–soil feedback. Oikos 125 (10), S. 1458 - 1466 (2016)
Johansson, V. A.; Müller, G.; Eriksson, O.: Dust seed production and dispersal in Swedish Pyroleae species. Nordic Journal of Botany 32 (2), S. 209 - 214 (2014)
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