Publikationen von Duo Chen

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Chen, D.; Ali, A.; Yong, X.-H.; Lin, C.-G.; Niu, X.-H.; Cai, A.-M.; Dong, B.-C.; Zhou, Z.-X.; Wang, Y.-J.; Yu, F.-H.: A multi-species comparison of selective placement patterns of ramets in invasive alien and native clonal plants to light, soil nutrient and water heterogeneity. Science of the Total Environment 657, S. 1568 - 1577 (2019)
Chen, D.; Xiong, H.; Lin, C.-G.; He, W.; Zhang, Z.-W.; Wang, H.; Wang, Y.-J.: Clonal integration benefits invasive alien plants under water variability in a native community. Journal of Plant Ecology 12 (3), S. 574 - 582 (2019)
Wang, Y.-J.; Chen, D.; Yan, R.; Yu, F.-H.; van Kleunen, M.: Invasive alien clonal plants are competitively superior over co-occurring native clonal plants. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 40, 125484 (2019)
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