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Journal Article
Obermeier, B.; Lovato, L.; Bruck, W.; Forne, I.; Imhof, A.; Mentele, R.; Lottspeich, F.; Turk, K. W.; Willis, S. N.; Wekerle, H. et al.; Hohlfeld, R.; Hafler, D. A.; O'Connor, K. C.; Dornmair, K.: Related B cell clones that populate the CSF and CNS of patients with multiple sclerosis produce CSF immunoglobulin. Journal of Neuroimmunology 233 (1-2), pp. 245 - 248 (2011)
Journal Article
Krishnamoorthy, G.; Saxena, A.; Mars, L. T.; Domingues, H. S.; Ben-Nun, A.; Lassmann, H.; Dornmair, K.; Mentele, R.; Kurschus, F. C.; Liblau, R. S. et al.; Wekerle, H.: Myelin-specific T cells also recognize neuronal autoantigen in a transgenic mouse model of multiple sclerosis. Nature Medicine 15 (6), pp. 626 - 632 (2009)
Journal Article
Obermeier, B.; Malotka, J.; Dornmair, K.; Mentele, R.: Analysis of patient-specific immunoglobulin proteomes and transcriptomes by PCR cloning and mass spectometry. (2008)
Journal Article
Obermeier, B.; Malotka, J.; Kellermann, J.; Kümpfel, T.; Wekerle, H.; Lottspeich, F.; Mentele, R.; Hohlfeld, R.; Dornmair, K.: Matching of oligoclonal immunoglobulin transcriptomes and proteomes of cerebrospinal fluid in multiple sclerosis. Nature Medicine 14 (6), pp. 688 - 693 (2008)
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