Publications of Arne Fabritius

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Journal Article
Valiente-Gabioud, A. A.; Fabritius, A.; Griesbeck, O.: Probing the interstitial calcium compartment. The Journal of Physiology - London (2022)
Journal Article
Erdogan, M.; Fabritius, A.; Basquin, J.; Griesbeck, O.: Targeted in situ protein diversification and intra-organelle validation in mammalian cells. Cell Chemical Biology 27 (5), pp. 610 - 621.e5 (2020)
Journal Article
Betolngar, D. B.; Mota, E.; Fabritius, A.; Nielsen, J.; Hougaard, C.; Christoffersen, C. T.; Yang, J.; Kehler, J.; Griesbeck, O.; Castro V, L. R. et al.; Vincent, P.: Phosphodiesterase 1 bridges glutamate inputs with NO- and dopamine-induced cyclic nucleotide signals in the striatum. Cerebral Cortex 29 (12), pp. 5022 - 5036 (2019)
Journal Article
Hofmann, U. A. T.; Fabritius, A.; Rebling, J.; Estrada, H.; Dean-Ben, X. L.; Griesbeck, O.; Razansky, D.: High-throughput platform for optoacoustic probing of genetically encoded calcium ion indicators. iScience 22, pp. 400 - 408 (2019)
Journal Article
Fabritius, A.; Ng, D.; Kist, A. M.; Erdogan, M.; Portugues, R.; Griesbeck, O.: Imaging-based screening platform assists protein engineering. Cell Chemical Biology 25 (12), pp. 1554 - 1561.e8 (2018)
Journal Article
Litzlbauer, J.; Schifferer, M.; Ng, D.; Fabritius, A.; Thestrup, T.; Griesbeck, O.: Large scale bacterial colony screening of diversified FRET biosensors. PLoS One 10 (6), e0119860 (2015)
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