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Wikelski, M.; Arriero, E.; Gagliardo, A.; Holland, R. A.; Huttunen, M. J.; Juvaste, R.; Mueller, I.; Tertitski, G.; Thorup, K.; Wild, M. et al.; Alanko, M.; Bairlein, F.; Cherenkov, A.; Cameron, A.; Flatz, R.; Hannila, J.; Hüppop, O.; Kangasniemi, M.; Kranstauber, B.; Penttinen, M.-L.; Safi, K.; Semashko, V.; Schmid, H.; Wistbacka, R.: True navigation in migrating gulls requires intact olfactory nerves. Scientific Reports 5, 17061 (2015)
Journal Article
Kranstauber, B.; Cameron, A.; Weinzierl, R.; Fountain, T.; Tilak, S.; Wikelski, M.; Kays, R.: The Movebank data model for animal tracking. Environmental Modelling and Software 26 (6), pp. 834 - 835 (2011)
Journal Article
Fiorella, K.; Cameron, A.; Sechrest, W.; Winfree, R.; Kremen, C.: Methodological considerations in reserve system selection: A case study of Malagasy lemurs. Biological Conservation 143 (4), pp. 963 - 973 (2010)
Journal Article
Urbano, F.; Cagnacci, F.; Calenge, C.; Dettki, H.; Cameron, A.; Neteler, M.: Wildlife tracking data management: A new vision. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences 365 (1550), pp. 2177 - 2185 (2010)
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