Publications of M. S. Weber

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Journal Article
Weber, M. S.; Hohlfeld, R.; Zamvil, S. S.: Mechanism of Action of Glatiramer Acetate in Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Neurotherapeutics 4 (4), pp. 647 - 653 (2007)
Journal Article
Farina, C.; Weber, M. S.; Meinl, E.; Wekerle, H.; Hohlfeld, R.: Glatiramer acetate in multiple sclerosis: update on potential mechanisms of action. Lancet Neurology 4 (9), pp. 567 - 575 (2005)
Journal Article
Weber, M. S.; Starck, M.; Wagenpfeil, S.; Meinl, E.; Hohlfeld, R.; Farina, C.: Multiple sclerosis: glatiramer acetate inhibits monocyte reactivity in vitro and in vivo. Brain 127, pp. 1370 - 1378 (2004)
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