Publikationen von Damien R. Farine

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Farine, D. R.; O’Connell, D. A.; Grant, T.; Poole, M. L.: Opportunities for energy efficiency and biofuel production in Australian wheat farming systems. Biofuels 1 (4), S. 547 - 561 (2010)

Buchkapitel (1)

O’Connell, D.; Farine, D. R.; O’Connor, M.; Dunlop, M.: Integration and implementation research: Would CSIRO contribute to, and benefit from, a more formalised I2S approach? In: Disciplining interdisciplinarity: Integration and implementation sciences for researching complex real-world problems, S. 285 - 302 (Hg. Bammer, G.). ANU Press, Canberra (2013)
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