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Cramer, K.; Bolender, A.-L.; Stockmar, I.; Jungmann, R.; Kasper, R.; Shin, J. Y.: Visualization of bacterial protein complexes labeled with fluorescent proteins and nanobody binders for STED microscopy. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (14), 3376 (2019)
Krahmer, N.; Najafi, B.; Schueder, F.; Quagliarini, F.; Steger, M.; Seitz, S.; Kasper, R.; Salinas, F.; Cox, J.; Uhlenhaut, N. H. et al.; Walther, T. C.; Jungmann, R.; Zeigerer, A.; Borner, G. H. H.; Mann, M.: Organellar proteomics and phospho-proteomics reveal subcellular reorganization in diet-induced hepatic steatosis. Developmental Cell 47 (2), S. 205 - 221.e7 (2018)
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