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Journal Article
Benito-Gutierrez, E.; Gattoni, G.; Stemmer, M.; Rohr, S. D.; Schuhmacher, L. N.; Tang, J.; Marconi, A.; Jekely, G.; Arendt, D.: The dorsoanterior brain of adult amphioxus shares similarities in expression profile and neuronal composition with the vertebrate telencephalon. BMC Biology 19 (1), 110 (2021)
Journal Article
Koelsch, Y.; Hahn, J.; Sappington, A.; Stemmer, M.; Fernandes, A. M.; Helmbrecht, T. O.; Lele, S.; Butrus, S.; Laurell, E.; Arnold-Ammer, I. et al.; Shekhar, K.; Sanes, J. R.; Baier, H.: Molecular classification of zebrafish retinal ganglion cells links genes to cell types to behavior. Neuron 109 (4), pp. 645 - 662.e9 (2021)
Journal Article
Shainer, I.; Stemmer, M.: Choice of pre-processing pipeline influences clustering quality of scRNA-seq datasets. BMC Genomics 22 (1), 661 (2021)
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