Publikationen von James D. M. Tolliver

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McGowan, C. P.; Angeli, N. F.; Beisler, W. A.; Snyder, C.; Rankin, N. M.; Woodrow, J. O.; Wilson, J. K.; Rivenbark, E.; Schwarzer, A.; Hand, C. E. et al.; Anthony, R.; Griffin, R. K.; Barrett, K.; Haverland, A. A.; Roach, N. S.; Schneider, T.; Smith, A. D.; Smith, F. M.; Tolliver, J. D. M.; Watts, B. D.: Linking monitoring and data analysis to predictions and decisions for the range-wide eastern black rail status assessment. Endangered Species Research 43, S. 209 - 222 (2020)
Tolliver, J. D. M.; Moore, A. A.; Green, M. C.; Weckerly, F. W.: Coastal Texas black rail population states and survey effort. The Journal of Wildlife Management 83 (2), S. 312 - 324 (2019)
Tolliver, J. D. M.; Weckerly, F. W.: Abundance, habitat and occupancy of Roosevelt Elk in the Bald Hills of Redwood National Park. California Fish and Game 104 (2), S. 67 - 74 (2018)
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