Images from our research

Zebra finch chicks don't babble for no reason
Why young males have lower mating success
A brain circuit that spoils your appetite
Developmental crossroads in the brain
Insulin affects the recycling of cellular power plants
Visible calcium concentrations
Distributed workload in the fly brain
Vision in the brain – hardwired for action
Fluorescent Fruit Fly Brain
How tasty is the food? Ask your brain!
Mapping unknown territory
Passerine bird takes advantage of human settlements
Do hormone fluctuations increase survival probabilities?
Fly eyes: not as rigid as previously thought
Sweet sap, savory ants
A brain network for social attraction
Activating the indicator and performing a shoulder check – essential also for zebra finches
Citizens reveal: Pairs of rufous horneros have specific preferences when it comes to nest building
Hitchhiking through the nerve cell
The dark matter of the brain
Zebra finch males sing in dialects and females pay attention
One bird's joy is another bird's sorrow
Asymmetry as a building block of neuronal computations
The algebra of neurons
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