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Facts and numbers

Umbrella organization: Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science (www.mpg.de/en)

Founding dates of the institute: January 2022 "lived merger" and joined appearance in public. January 2023 foundation in the legal sense
Foundation by merger and closure of the predecessor institutes, the MPI for Ornithology and the MPI for Neurobiology. Information about the history of these institutes can be found here.

Location information: at the Seewiesen location since 1954 and at the Campus Martinsried since 1984

Staff: about 500

Represented nations: more than 50

Language at the institute: English and German

Institute management: Board of directors

Departments: 8

Max Planck Research Groups: 3

Lise Meitner Research Groups: 2

Independent Research Groups: 5

Other Research Groups: 2

Max Planck Fellow Groups: 2

Emeriti: 3


Last updated: March 2024

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