News and research highlights from the group "Neurometabolism"

Illustration of two mitochondria (cellular power plants) that form the two halves of a Yin-and-Yang sign.

In nerve cells, the hormone regulates whether mitochondria are shut down or kept running more

Mitochondria research

Mitochondria research

Video October 22, 2023

Spend a day in the lab with PhD students Isabel & Tabitha, investigating mitochondria. more

Portrait photo of group leader Angelika Harbauer with text “ERC Starting Grant – Angelika Harbauer”.

Angelika Harbauer receives ERC Starting Grant for her research on mitochondria more

Illustration of a sailboat in the shape of a cellular power plant. Sitting on it is a figure that represents a molecule sailing along.

Cellular power plants carry along blueprints to make new proteins at their destination more

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