Publications of the research group "Active Sensing"

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Journal Article
Huppertz, M.-C.; Wilhelm, J.; Grenier, V.; Schneider, M.; Falt, T.; Porzberg, N.; Hausmann, D.; Hoffmann, D. C.; Hai, L.; Tarnawski, M. et al.; Pino, G.; Slanchev, K.; Kolb, I.; Acuna, C.; Fenk, L. M.; Baier, H.; Hiblot, J.; Johnsson, K.: Recording physiological history of cells with chemical labeling. Science 383 (6685), pp. 890 - 897 (2024)
Journal Article
Serbe-Kamp, E.; Bemme, J.; Pollak, D. J.; Mayer, K.: Open Citizen Science: Fostering open knowledge with participation. Research Ideas and Outcomes 9, e96476 (2023)
Journal Article
Fenk, L. M.; Avritzer, S. C.; Weisman, J. L.; Nair, A.; Randt, L. D.; Mohren, T. L.; Siwanowicz, I.; Maimon, G.: Muscles that move the retina augment compound eye vision in Drosophila. Nature 612 (7938), pp. 116 - 122 (2022)
Journal Article
Fenk, L. M.; Kim, A. J.; Maimon, G.: Suppression of motion vision during course-changing, but not course-stabilizing, navigational turns. Current Biology 31 (20), pp. 4608 - 4619 (2021)
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