Anastasia Krasheninnikova

Behavioural Neurobiology
Comparative Cognition
+49 173 384 7767

Main Focus

  • Comparative Cognition
  • Problem-solving behaviour
  • Social Learning
  • Socio-biology
  • Evolution of Cognition
  • Bioacoustics
  • Communication

My main research interest is the evolution of cognitive skills. I am particularly interested in whether, and if so, how, different socio-ecological living conditions influence animal cognition. My current research work focuses on socio-cognitive adaptations, vocal imitation skills, and mental time-travel abilities in parrots and marine mammals.

Curriculum Vitae

since Feb 2015 Postdoctoral researcher, Comparative Cognition Research Station, Tenerife (research group: von Bayern)

AugDec 2015 Marine Biology Station Laboe, Laboe, Germany

June 2014 PhD, University of Hamburg, Germany, Thesis: “Physical cognition in parrots: a comparative approach”

2011 – 2014 PhD Student at the research group of behaviour biology, University of Hamburg, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jutta Schneider

2008 – 2010 Biology at the University of Hamburg, MSc, Master-Thesis: "Means-end comprehension in parrots: a comparative approach", Supervisor: Dr. Ralf Wanker

2005 – 2008 Biology at the University of Hamburg, BSc, Bachelor-Thesis: "String- pulling in spectacled parrotlets", Supervisor: Dr. Ralf Wanker

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