Publikationen von Carolina B. Proano

Zeitschriftenartikel (5)

Awkerman, J. A.; Cruz, S. M.; Proano, C. B.; Huyvaert, K. P.; Jimenez Uzcategui, G.; Baquero, A.; Wikelski, M.; Anderson, D. J.: Small range and distinct distribution in a satellite breeding colony of the critically endangered Waved Albatross. Journal of Ornithology 155 (2), S. 367 - 378 (2014)
Cruz, S. M.; Hooten, M.; Huyvaert, K. P.; Proano, C. B.; Anderson, D. J.; Afanasyev, V.; Wikelski, M.: At-sea behavior varies with lunar phase in a nocturnal pelagic seabird, the swallow-tailed gull. PLoS One 8 (2), e56889 (2013)
Safi, K.; Kranstauber, B.; Weinzierl, R.; Griffin, L.; Rees, E. C.; Cabot, D.; Cruz, S. M.; Proano, C. B.; Takekawa, J. Y.; Newman, S. H. et al.; Waldenström, J.; Bengtsson, D.; Kays, R.; Wikelski, M.; Bohrer, G.: Flying with the wind: Scale dependency of speed and direction measurements in modelling wind support in avian flight. BMC Movement Ecology 1, 4 (2013)
Proano, C. B.; Cruz, S. M.; McMillan, D. M.; Edgerly, J. S.: Exploration of substrate vibrations as communication signals in a webspinner from Ecuador (Embioptera: Clothodidae). Neotropical Entomology 41, S. 196 - 203 (2012)
Anderson , D. J.; Huyvaert , K. P.; Awkerman , J. A.; Proano, C. B.; Milstead , W. B.; Jiménez-Uzcátegui, G.; Cruz, S. M.; Grace , J. K.: Population status of the critically endangered Waved Albatross (Phoebastria irrorata), 1999-2007. Endangered Species Research 5 (2-3), S. 185 - 192 (2008)
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