Publikationen von Michael H. Myoga

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Bednarova, V.; Grothe, B.; Myoga, M. H.: Complex and spatially segregated auditory inputs of the mouse superior colliculus. Journal of Physiology 596 (21), S. 5281 - 5298 (2018)
Beiderbeck, B.; Myoga, M. H.; Mueller, N. I. C.; Callan, A. R.; Friauf, E.; Grothe, B.; Pecka, M.: Precisely timed inhibition facilitates action potential firing for spatial coding in the auditory brainstem. Nature Communications 9, 1771 (2018)
Petrik, D.; Myoga, M. H.; Grade, S.; Gerkau, N. J.; Pusch, M.; Rose, C. R.; Grothe, B.; Goetz, M.: Epithelial sodium channel regulates adult neural stem cell proliferation in a flow-dependent manner. Cell Stem Cell 22 (6), S. 865 - 878.e8 (2018)
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