Publications of Hongsup Yoon

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Journal Article
Yoon, H.; Lee, Y.; Park, H.; Kang, H.-J.; Ji, Y.; Holzapfel, W. H.: Lactobacillus johnsonii BFE6154 ameliorates diet-induced hypercholesterolemia. Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins 15 (3), pp. 451 - 459 (2023)
Journal Article
Yoon, H.; Lee, Y.; Kang, H. J.; Ju, J.; Ji, Y.; Park, H.; Park, H.; Lee, H.; Holzapfel, W. H.: Two putative probiotic strains improve diet-induced hypercholesterolemia through modulating intestinal cholesterol uptake and hepatic cholesterol efflux. Journal of Applied Microbiology 132 (1), pp. 567 - 570 (2022)
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