Publikationen von Tarn Preet Parmar

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Strandberg, U.; Bhavsar, S. P.; Parmar, T. P.; Arts, M. T.: Spatial and length-dependent variation of the risks and benefits of consuming Walleye (Sander vitreus). Environment International 112, S. 251 - 260 (2018)
Brownscombe, J. W.; Parmar, T. P.; Almeida, J.; Giesbrecht, E.; Batson, J.; Chen, X.; Wesch, S.; Ward, T. D.; O’Connor, C. M.; Cooke, S. J.: The efficacy of assisted ventilation techniques for facilitating the recovery of fish that are exhausted from simulated angling stress. Fisheries Research 186 (3), S. 619 - 624 (2017)
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