Publikationen von Etienne Lein

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Hu, M. Y.; Lein, E.; Bleich, M.; Melzner, F.; Stumpp, M.: Trans‐life cycle acclimation to experimental ocean acidification affects gastric pH homeostasis and larval recruitment in the sea star Asterias rubens. Acta Physiologica 223 (2), e13169 (2018)
Lee, H. J.; Schneider, R. F.; Manousaki, T.; Kang, J. H.; Lein, E.; Franchini, P.; Meyer, A.: Lateralized feeding behavior comes with asymmetrical neuroanatomy and lateralized gene expressions in the brain in ccale-aating cichlid fish. Genome Biology and Evolution 9 (11), S. 3122 - 3136 (2017)
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