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Zeitschriftenartikel (26)

Kays, R.; Tilak, S.; Crofoot, M. C.; Fountain, T.; Obando, D.; Ortega, A.; Kuemmeth, F.; Mandel, J.; Swenson, G.; Lambert, T. et al.; Hirsch, B.; Wikelski, M.: Tracking animal location and activity with an automated radio telemetry system in a tropical rainforest. Computer Journal 54 (12), S. 1931 - 1948 (2011)
Caillaud, D.; Crofoot, M. C.; Scarpino, S. V.; Jansen, P. A.; Garzon-Lopez, C. X.; Winkelhagen, A. J. S.; Bohlman, S. A.; Walsh, P. D.: Modeling the spatial distribution and fruiting pattern of a key tree species in a neotropical forest: Methodology and potential applications. PLoS One 5 (11), e15002 (2010)
Crofoot, M. C.; Lambert, T. D.; Kays, R.; Wikelski, M.: Does watching a monkey change its behaviour? Quantifying observer effects in habituated wild primates using automated radiotelemetry. Animal Behaviour 80 (3), S. 475 - 480 (2010)
Walsh, P. D.; Boyer, D.; Crofoot, M. C.: Monkey and cell-phone-user mobilities scale similarly. Nature Physics 6 (12), S. 929 - 930 (2010)
Crofoot, M. C.; Norton, T. M.; Lessnau, R. G.; Viner, T. C.; Chen, T. C.; Mazzaro, L. M.; Yabsley, M. J.: Field anesthesia and health assessment of free-ranging Cebus capucinus in Panama. International Journal of Primatology 30 (1), S. 125 - 141 (2009)
Crofoot, M. C.; Gilby, I. C.; Wikelski, M.; Kays, R. W.: Interaction location outweighs the competitive advantage of numerical superiority in Cebus capucinus intergroup contests. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 105 (2), S. 577 - 581 (2008)

Buchkapitel (1)

Brown, M.; Crofoot, M. C.: Social and spatial relationships between primate groups. In: Primate ecology and conservation. A handbook of techniques, S. 151 - 176 (Hg. Sterling, E.; Bynum, N.; Blair, M.). Oxford University Press, Oxford (2013)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Li, Z.; Wu, F.; Crofoot, M. C.: Mining following relationships in movement data. In: 2013 IEEE 13th International Conference on Data Mining, S. 458 - 467. IEEE 13th International Conference on Data Mining, Dallas, Texas, 07. Dezember 2013 - 10. Dezember 2013. IEEE (2013)
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