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van Toor, M. L.; O'Mara, M. T.; Abedi-Lartey, M.; Wikelski, M.; Fahr, J.; Dechmann, D. K. N.: Linking colony size with quantitative estimates of ecosystem services of African fruit bats. Current Biology 29 (7), S. R225 - R240 (2019)
Abedi-Lartey, M.; Dechmann, D. K. N.; Wikelski, M.; Scharf, A. K.; Fahr, J.: Long-distance seed dispersal by straw-coloured fruit bats varies by season and landscape. Global Ecology and Conservation 7, S. 12 - 24 (2016)
Fahr, J.; Abedi-Lartey, M.; Esch, T.; Machwitz, M.; Suu-Ire, R.; Wikelski, M.; Dechmann, D. K. N.: Pronounced seasonal changes in the movement ecology of a highly gregarious central-place forager, the african straw-coloured fruit bat (Eidolon helvum). PLoS One 10 (10), e0138985 (2015)
Tranquilli, S.; Abedi-Lartey, M.; Abernethy, K.; Amsini, F.; Asamoah, A.; Balangtaa, C.; Blake, S.; Bouanga, E.; Breuer, T.; Brncic, T. M. et al.; Campbell, G.; Chancellor, R.; Chapman, C. A.; Davenport, T. R. B.; Dunn, A.; Dupain, J.; Ekobo, A.; Eno-Nku, M.; Etoga, G.; Furuichi, T.; Gatti, S.; Ghiurghi, A.; Hashimoto, C.; Hart, J. A.; Head, J.; Hega, M.; Herbinger, I.; Hicks, T. C.; Holbech, L. H.; Huijbregts, B.; Kühl, H. S.; Imong, I.; Yeno, S. L.-D.; Linder, J.; Marshall, P.; Lero, P. M.; Morgan, D.; Mubalama, L.; N'Goran, P. K.; Nicholas, A.; Nixon, S.; Normand, E.; Nziguyimpa, L.; Nzooh-Dongmo, Z.; Ofori-Amanfo, R.; Ogunjemite, B. G.; Petre, C.-A.; Rainey, H. J.; Regnaut, S.; Robinson, O.; Rundus, A.; Sanz, C. M.; Okon, D. T.; Todd, A.; Warren, Y.; Sommer, V.: Protected areas in tropical Africa: Assessing threats and conservation activities. PLoS One 9 (12), e114154 (2014)
Tranquilli, S.; Abedi-Lartey, M.; Amsini, F.; Arranz, L.; Asamoah, A.; Babafemi, O.; Barakabuye, N.; Campbell, G.; Chancellor, R.; Davenport, T. R.B. et al.; Dunn, A.; Dupain, J.; Ellis, C.; Etoga, G.; Furuichi, T.; Gatti, S.; Ghiurghi, A.; Greengrass, E.; Hashimoto, C.; Hart, J.; Herbinger, I.; Hicks, T. C.; Holbech, L. H.; Huijbregts, B.; Imong, I.; Kumpel, N.; Maisels, F.; Marshall, P.; Nixon, S.; Normand, E.; Nziguyimpa, L.; Nzooh-Dogmo, Z.; Okon, D. T.; Plumptre, A.; Rundus, A.; Sunderland-Groves, J.; Todd, A.; Warren, Y.; Mundry, R.; Boesch, C.; Kuehl, H.: Lack of conservation effort rapidly increases African great ape extinction risk. Conservation Letters 5 (1), S. 48 - 55 (2012)
Oates, J. F.; Abedi-Lartey, M.; McGraw , W. S.; Struhsaker , T. T.; Whitesides , G. H.: Extinction of a West African red colobus monkey. Conservation Biology 14 (5), S. 1526 - 1532 (2000)
McGraw , W. S.; Monah , I. T.; Abedi-Lartey, M.: Survey of endangered primates in the forest reserves of eastern Côte d'Ivoire. African Primates 3, S. 22 - 25 (1997)
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